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The US Election - What's really going on?

The entire world has eyes on the USA right now. In less than two weeks, arguably the most bitter-fought election campaign in US history closes and, the people make their decision on who will govern them for the next 4 years. Hillary or Donald.

In this video I share with you what is happening on an evolutionary level. This addresses in depth what is really going on with the US election.

I then explain what is at stake in this election and why. I use all my knowledge and experience (not just Human Design) to outline the devastating impact of Chauvinism on our world and the election. Then I give you a glimpse of what can happen in your world as true feminine energy regains its rightful place in our lives.

Please enjoy these perspectives and insights and be assured, there is no attempt to influence any political affinity you may have.



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Published on 10 November 2016 by Christopher J Power

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