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How to Attract the Right Clients and Make Effortless Sales Without Selling


Learn directly from our Persuasion, Influence and Sale Expert Guest, David Corbin, How to attract the right clients and make effortless sales without selling! Here is what you'll learn during this interview: - Specific strategies on how to identify, sell and embrace your ideal prospects....and convert them into lifelong customers and 'raving fans'. - Master rapport strategies- of the magnitude of rock stars- to engage and influence anyone, anytime. - Master multiple mindset techniques to become unstoppable by overcoming procrastination, overwhelm and fear. - Understand the process of integrating all of these strategies into the daily habit of Getting Real....For Results! - And much more...

David Corbin is the best seller author of "Illuminates", "Physicked On Service", "Brand Slaughter" and is feature in the movies: Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet From Gold, Pass It On, has consulted with the President of Cabinet Members, AT&T, Dominos Pizza, and built and sold his own companies.  You can learn more about David, at http://davidcorbin.com/about

Published on 27 August 2016 by Ishwari

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